Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well hello! Nice to see you again.

Long time no see!
What's it been? A year or so now, right?
Wow man, you look the same.
A bit grey, and moving a slightly slower, but otherwise you seem to be doing ok.
So what's going on man? Anything new to report?
Huh. Yeah, I guess it's the same ol' with me too.
There are a few new things I'd be happy to divulge over a beer or few.
I'm sure I've got a couple'a suprises and some funny stories to tell.
Besides, It'd be nice yammering with someone from back in the day.
Well I've gotta get going now. it's 12:28, and I have to get up early tomorr-today, so I"m going to catch you later, alright?
Hey it was really nice bumping into you like this...
I'm looking forward to talking with and catching up with you again soon.
Well, take it easy, and I'll get with you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back In Effect!

Ah! So here you are. Man, I was beginning to think you were gone for good! Geez, I guess it takes a move to find all things you lost/misplaced. Here I am doing some last minute cleaning and packing, and I find you dusty, and hidden underneath some old bills (paid), personal files (forgotten eons ago), and compromising photos nestled DEEP within my favorite sites section of my laptop.
It sure is nice to find you again.
Wow. It's been more than a year since I last scribbled electric letters on this thing. No wonder my life is erratic! I need to write to maintain my sanity. I think the reason I have not been doing so, is I have been socially nonexistent. I think I may have found a remedy though. I will be contributing reviews to on a regular basis, which will prompt/force me to get out and do stuff. So keep an eye on this blog, and look for reviews I will be posting on Yelp in the VERY near future.
Peace y'all!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Click This and Just Watch.

Dick Cheney is out of control.
PLEASE-just stop interviewing him.

My How You've Grown...

Haven't posted photos of the boy in a while, so-

R.I.P. 1928-2009

One of the GREATEST blues women has passed...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cockblocking PART 2 (John's Revenge)

These guys are HILARIOUS!
They have a whole cockblocking series on youtube.
Check 'em out.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

? and the Mysterians

Friday nite I went to Rhumba cafe' and saw ? and the Mysterians.
They are the band most known for the song "96 Tears".
Thankfully they graced columbus with their presence, and thankfully I didn't stay home and veg out like I originally planned.
I arrived to see the band Vegas 66 playing the opening set. They were a pretty good Rockabilly band, who mainly played original music, with a smattering of covers, by the Stray Cats and Elvis Presley.
After a brief break and a pint of Guinness, a rather crusty individual with a whiskey slur, and a voice marred by WAAAY too many unfiltered cigarettes came up and introduced the band. At that point, four older mexican gentlemen made their way to their respective instruments, and then ? sauntered up and greeted the crowd with "Are ya'll ready to rock and roll BA-bay?"
They started off pretty slowly as I must admit I expected. With each following song, they gathered more momentum, and became more and more comfortable on stage.
They ended up doing a good amount of their old rowdy/sexy garage standards-
I need somebody
(Girl) You captivate me
Got to
Do you feel it (excellent song which showed just how tight the band still is)

and ?, even though his singing voice was a tad bit weak, knew how to get the crowd motivated, and folks were writhing, jumping, and just grooving to his requests to "Feel it Ba-Bay!" He was an excellent performer, almost like a mexican Iggy Pop, but cooler.
They also did a couple of great covers- James Brown's "Try Me" which I must say, I have never heard a cover of, and the Stone's "I can't get no satisfaction.
Their signature piece- "96 tears" was then played, almost as an afterthought, and by the time they performed it, the crowd was already too hyped up for it to make a big deal.
Well, I take that back.
There were audience members there that I am SURE either saw them live back in 66'-67', or was listening to them back then.
They were the ones who immediately recognized the very recognizable keyboard line in that song, and they went bananas upon hearing it.
All in all, I am very happy I got off my lazy duff and went to check out the band credited with being the first mexican garage band to reach #1 in the billboard charts, and the band considered by some to be the first "punk rock' band.
These geezers were well worth the $15 cover I plunked down.
It was a great performance, and if you get the chance, check em' out live cuz' given their ages, I'm not too sure how much longer they will be able to keep doing this.


Thanks Easter bunny! Bawk Bawk!

Happy Easter!
Last night, we colored eggs for the boy's Easter basket.
I must say, I think we had a bit more fun than the boy.
I believe he understood what was going on, but he wanted to drink the dye rather than dip eggs at first.
But once he got the hang of it and realized that the eggs would look all colorful and cute-like, he was all about dipping.
This morning his basket was waiting for him, and promptly after his diaper change, he came into the living room to find that the Easter bunny left him a neat basket.
The boy got Curious George stamps, Two Matchbox planes, coloring books, eggs, a ball that looks like a tire, magnets, and Easter lil' debbie cakes.

No. the boy is NOT spoiled.

Well, maybe a little bit.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Watch Out For Werewolves Y'all!

The moon is bright out tonight!
The lovely wife and I were in the hot tub at around 9:30 this evening, and we saw moonbeams shining VERY brightly.
Fortuitously for me, It enabled me to see just how lovely the wife REALLY is as she emerged, skin glistening and bathed in moonlight.
Thanks Moon Man! (You can almost make out his face)
I hope the photo does my (second) favorite heavenly body the justice its due.