Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well hello stranger!

It has been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last posted.
Too long according to some folks. (Sorry dad)
Well, the boy is nearly seven months now, and I shit you not- he can pull himself up to a stand as of yesterday. (!)
No really.
With no help at all.
All we do is hold our hands out, keeping them nice and steady, and he will use them as a solid surface to pull himself up to his knees, and then will push himself the rest of the way up to a standing position.
The lovely wife and I have a slight wager on when he will be walking. I say 9mos., and she says earlier...
We'll see.
Methinks my Apple Mac Mini has bitten the dust.
I've been having problems with it for a little while, and when It would konk out, all I would do is reinstall the Os 10 program into the hard drive, and voila! Instant internet access!
Well, I went to do that this weekend, and cue The Price is Right loser music
(Bum Bum Buh Buhhh-Whuuhhhh)
No dice. the computer could'nt detect a hard drive to place Os 10 in.
Mac Mini is just a plastic shell of a computer. It's little electric soul has gone on to that great computer cafe in the sky.
So the hunt is on for a snazzy new laptop model.
This will enable us to be more mobile while working at home.
Until then, I brought home an extra computer the previous owners left at the salon when they left. It's a Dell PC, and frankly, it's killing me. I will admit that I've become one of the Apple Computer cult, and reverting back to PC use is proving to be a bit difficult. I'm used to the subtleties and the charm of the Mac, and yes, I have become quite the Apple snob.
It's cool though. It could be worse. I could have 59 unchecked messageges as opposed to the 58 that I currently have awaiting my perusal.

I ABSOLUTELY must recommend this site to those who are reading this right now.
It's a great little blog, and the kid takes some good photos...

My dad had a birthday on the fifth of August- Happy B-Day Dad!
Wow. 60.
Congratulations for accomplishing all tht you have, and being such a great man, and model dad...

And finally, the lovely wife and I celebrated our SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY on the fifth of August. We were in New York, and it was Sweet! We were there to celebrate US, and take in a play that my wife's cousin acts in on Broadway. The play was funny, hanging with her cousin was fun, we made our way to Greenwich Village, all over SoHo, were cramped in Times Square, burned up alive down in the subway (Jesus Christ was it hot down there), ran into people we knew from Columbus, ran into three people with Ohio State Tee shirts, (and only got an I-O response to my O-H from one of them) and stumbled into Chinatown, in just three days, and two nights!
But I must say that the best part of our weekend was our Anniversary dinner. We ate at Churrascaria Plataforma, and it was wonderful! The staff all seemed to be of Brazilian descent, and the joint was incredibly classy. My lovely wife and I conversed, observed, ate and drank Caipihrinas all nite long. Just when we felt the night could get no better, we realized that the rocks glasses we were drinking from were "official" Pitu glasses.
Pitu is the brand of Cacaca that we use to make our favorite Brazilian drinks man!
So I decided to ask for the glasses we were using, and they one upped me by bringing us two NEW ones!
Class, I tell ya!
What a GREAT anniversary evening.
Excellent Food
Great Conversation
Stiff drinks
And my lady was looking BEAUTIFUL in a dress that she made me wait about a week to see her in...
Man, was it worth the wait.
Sorry about the public displays of affection New Yorkers, but nothing else but us existed that night.

So now you've been brought up to speed in terms of what's been happening with me, so until next we speak,


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, "just trying"!!!

Standing up by I wish I were there to see my GRANDBOY take his first step!


Nicole said...

You are so cute when you're talking about Katie. Awwww....

Little Man said...

My picture blog can be found here. for those of you who are interested. JW's link is all borked up.