Sunday, August 20, 2006

Buh-Bump Buh-Bump Buh-Bump...

So, my lovely wife and I got to hear our little sprout's heartbeat today. Top notch man. I had a few unnecessary worries bouncing around in my head this whole week, like: will there not even be a beat? Will the beat be terribly weak? Will there be a beat that doesn't sound quite right? You know, IRREGULAR? Crazy questions were filling my head making me worry. Worrying for the sake of worrying worrying. So we go into the office, and I am trying to be COOL.
The doc eventually comes in, has a small conversation with us, and tells the wife to prepare for her pap test. By this time, I am ready for the BEAT man! When the doc finished the exam, (I must admit that I am stunned, humbled, and honored to have been privy to one of the most sacred and secret rituals women have to go through on a yearly basis) she squirted some kind of gel on the tip of a listening device, kinda shaped like a microphone connected to a small speaker. The device was then placed face down on top of the wife's stomach, about where the it was assumed the baby was hanging out. As she was placing the device, the doc explained to us that it may take a minute to hear the baby's heartbeat. Before she finished her statement, we heard a fast thumping. Quick, loud, steady and strong. Amazing. It was all I needed to hear. No more worries.
The doc then moved the mic to the left maybe about an inch, and the wife's heartbeat could be heard. They were in tandem for a moment, and we could hear that her beat was almost half the speed of the baby's. Just hearing the baby's heartbeat and then both my wife's and the baby's together did MY heart a lot of good.
I am so very proud and completely overjoyed to know that my baby is alive, well, and completely safe within the womb of my number 1 lady.
Thanks for the gift my love.

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JDW said...

What a I too can stop worrying. Buh-bump, buh-bump, buh-bump.....what a great sound!

Love Grandpa