Sunday, August 20, 2006

Me Gronk!!!

Today my lovely wife came to me with a look of surprise and said, "Look you can see where the baby is!" (Or something to that effect) She then caressed the gentle roundness her stomach has slowly been growing into. "My pooch is gone" she then said, with her bottom lip poking out. Then she proceeded to show me the top of the pair of pants she wore to work that day. I was familiar with this particular pair, as I had seen them on several prior occasions, but today they were a little different. They were unfastened, and held together by a black elastic hair thing. "Well, my pants don't fit me anymore she said holding up her blouse with both hands. My response to all of this- as I remember it was "good".
I don't think that was quite the response she was looking for.
What I thought was a legit answer was merely a grunt. Unfortunately for me I happen to have an uncanny talent for understatement. "good" was what came out of my mouth, but in my head was, "good- I think it's great that we're seeing evidence of our little one growing inside you."
Cheers to Gronk the monosyllabic neanderthal man who can't properly express himself to his wife. Nice going jw.
Realizing that the wife likely wanted more than just a one word grunt, I recovered from my fumble and walked over to her, rubbed where I supposed the baby was hanging out and told her exactly what I had been thinking. I then inquired about how she was feeling, what emotional & physical changes she's been going through, and her general health. I think that made a difference. Just taking the time to try and understand (though I never will) all the crazy things her mind and body are going through helped me understand how nice it must be to every so often be asked by others and your HUSBAND "hey, how are you doing?"
I don't think the wife is bothered by the fact that I'm tight lipped, I just think she wants a little more in the way of verbal support. Hopefully now that I've come to this realization, I can continue to give her the attention I know I am capable of giving. Just try to be a little quicker on the draw next time Gronk.

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