Monday, August 21, 2006

Dead As A Dinosaur

Good customer service seems to be facing extinction. Businesses are doing less and less to make consumers feel appreciated for selecting THEM as opposed to other places of business that can supply their demands. These places of business are in my eyes, completely at fault for the actions of their employees. For instance, if an employee was concerned about losing his/her job because of misconduct, then it would seem the likelihood of misconduct would be greatly lessened. Am I being naive, or am I on to something?
It's simple.
"You disrespect the customers who keep my lights on, you're fired."
"I have to pay off a mortgage loan, and if you are hindering that goal from being met, you're fired."
"This business has a name and a reputation to uphold. If either of those are threatened, you're fired."
Any business owners out there who may be reading this, please feel free to use these quotes within your establishment and I'm pretty sure the bullshit bad habits will decrease. Hell, with luck maybe they will disappear altogether-
and I'll have one less complaint concerning the the negative aspects of commercialism.
O.k., maybe I AM just a little naive...

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SRH said...

Sometimes I am just glad that I am dealing with a person, even if they are a complete jerk. There are worse things than craptastic customer service, but not many...