Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For he's a jolly good fellow...

I just wanted to take some time to give some props to one of the most important people in my life. This individual has influenced me in more ways than he will possibly ever know. My Philosophical, Musical, Social, and Moral being has been based on the life and teachings of this person. I'm speaking about a man who has dedicated his life to self improvement, and self discipline. This is a guy who recognized that two aspects of his biological makeup were damaging his mental and physical health, and had the fortitude to just say, "fuck it I'm done", and before we knew it, he was COMPLETELY done with these things. Totally impressive. I mean WHO has the discipline to just STOP doing something they have been accustomed to doing daily for years simply because they felt it was time to stop that day? I swear, this guy is made of iron.
I would hear this guy say something like, "The decisions you make today will effect you tomorrow" on a regular basis, and I sometimes thought: "If I hear that bullshit one more time, I'm gonna yell what the HELL do you know old man?" Well apparently, he knew a shitload. This is a philosophy that unfortunately has taken me 30+ years to adopt, but I guess better late than never huh? (not really) On a daily basis, I'm reminded of this altruism. Damn, If I only listened 15-20 years ago...
Musically, This man was beyond all his peers. We would hear EVERYTHING blasting out of the speakers of his hi-fi stereo growing up. I would hear the music of War, Pink Floyd, New Birth, Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Winter, Funkadelic, Mandrill, Koko Taylor, and Carlos Santana, just to name a few. The diversity, and boldness of this guy's musical tastes continues to influence, and helps to expand my musical boundaries to this day. Thanx a Hell of a lot for that, man.
Maintaining one's honor has always seemed paramount in his eyes. Fortunately for me, I have become aware of the importance of being considered an honorable person, and his behavior, and actions have been used as exemplary models for projecting the necessary qualities of honor. Thanx for that too.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for all the stuff you have done to help make me the person that I am, and I can only hope that when It comes time for me to influence the ones that I'm responsible for-I have the fortitude it takes to stick with them and see beyond the bullshit, hard-headed, stubbornness and continue drilling life lessons into their heads that you had the patience to drill into mine. As I said before, you are truly an Iron Man, and I love you for that dad.

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JDW said...

I LOVE U more than you could imagine! I was just trying to make you the best person, son, husband and eventual father. You have made me very proud continue with your travel and always walk toward the light.

Please don't ever stop being open, true to your feelings and honest with people....on occassion your self expression may hurt some feelings. But, remember those people that respect you will respect your honesty as well.