Monday, May 07, 2007

Crazy Whirlwind pt. 1

Wow. So much has transpired since last I scribed...
1. Computer crash
2. A TEN year miscommunication (or lack of communication on my part) and subsequent loss of a friendship has been repaired, and restored
3. Two Excellent reggae concerts (along with two sightings of a neighbor/stalker)
4. The boy is grabbing his feet, and engaging in conversation with us (in between the PERPETUAL feedings)
5. The lovely wife and I have officially become "roomies"
6. I went to visit previous co-workers, and did'nt get to see the one I wanted to see MOST
7. I Found a couple of cool music websites

Ok. Here we go.
1. Just last week my computer crashed. Oh how the mighty have fallen. (Apple computer) Why? I have NO IDEA... My guess is that all the crap I jammed into my poor lil' Mac Mini became the equivalent to a chicken bone lodged in the throat. I mean, there was a HUGE photoshop program (for salon ads), Loads of music, a MILLION pictures, a couple of movies, (no PORN- I promise!) flyers created in said photoshop programs, and all the extra peripherals that make a computer so great. I must admit, that although I ended up losing ALL that information when the local computer repair guy rebooted the system, (I should've gone to the apple store) my comp is running pretty well. But alas, I NEED the majority of those programs, so my new and (not so) improved slim and svelte apple must gain some the weight back that it shed in at the repair shop.

2. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who helped me form the Guild of Artistic Expression called me and had SAGE the WISECAT on the horn along with him. Sage was a fellow performance poet who was affiliated with Cleveland's Black Poetic Society. Now, before I go any further, let me say that Black Poetic consisted of some of the most accomplished performers of prose/poetic expression that I have seen. PERIOD. Their style, and delivery was completely polished and professional. They were excellent performers with an exceptional command of the stage.
That said, it was an honor speaking with Sage again. BUT, he was'nt as jovial as I was at first. He expressed that he was confused, and upset by our last meeting. Nearly Ten(!) years ago, Sage and I parted ways because of insecurity, and a desire to shield myself from scrutiny. I had begun dating my wife, and some of my peers expressed MUCH concern, and disapproval due to the fact that the lovely wife is of a different ethnicity. Let's just say that the wife and I have vastly different amounts of melanin within us, and that was not cool with some of my "friends". I KNEW Sage was ok with it, but I was'nt sure about some of the members of the Society. So, in order to avoid the possibility of hearing more dissaproving comments, from his crew, I just kinda cut him off. Unfortunately, he was'nt the only person I did this to. In his case I was rather flippant in the discontinuation of our friendship, just stating- "I'm out. Done. I quit. See ya!" I left the poetry troupe, and the artist's organization I helped create without so much as a look back.
Fortunately, I have now made ammends with the people who were involved, and they seem to have forgiven me for leaving them pretty much high and dry. Sage has also forgiven me. I think he just needed to hear WHY I severed our friendship. I know homeboy was mad, because he expressed that his general opinion of me was "F#%K Jay" up until I explained the deal. He was still kinda dissappointed to learn that I didn't consider his thinking to be beyond what I gave him credit for. But I got the chance to repair our friendship and I am thankful for that, because the cat is an excellent dude, a Great writer, and thinker, and we are now peers of a different sort- he's a dad too.

3. Thanx to Scotty-D I got to see two count em' TWO great reggae concerts within the span of 3 weeks! I saw Toots and the Maytals at the Alrosa Villa, and Ziggy Marley at Promo West Pavillion. He listens to local radio station CD 101, while at work, and he won tix to both shows by being the right caller when the D.J. gives the prompt. I had a great time at both, and saw a couple of people I knew at both. I also saw a guy who seems to know me from my neighborhood- but I have NO CLUE as to who he is. At the Toots concert this Hulking guy comes up to me and yells, "Hey man! You were walking your kid in a stroller today!"

"Yeah man, you were walking your kid, and then you stopped to talk to Becky, and David!"
"Uh, yeah, WHO are you?"
"I'm Matt. I live next door to them"
"Oh. Ummmm, nice to meet you." The Hulk then stumbled back to his friends and that was pretty much it.
At the Ziggy show, "Matt" rolls up to me slurring, "Hey man, you don't even remember me! A couple of days ago, my dog was trying to attack you and your dog while you were walking, and you did'nt even speak! It's me Matt!"
"Oh yeah, from the Toots show! My bad man, it was dark at the last show, and I did'nt recognize you 'cuz I couldn't see what you looked like very well. What's going on?"
"Just enjoying the concert... Thanks to the GREEN! Heh, heh!"


"Um... Well man, uhh... If I see you in the neighborhood, I'll make sure my dog does'nt eat ya!"
"Yeah. Thanks."
It never fails. Whenever I meet someone who smokes weed, they automatically assume that I smoke weed.
Ok. I know my dreadlocks kinda contribute to that idea, but don't just ASSUME that I partake because of my outward appearance you know? I find that kind of insulting.

4. The Sprout has found his feet! He now grabs his feet and coos while fingering his second set of digits. Each time he grabs his piggies, I pop them in between my lips and make sqeaky noises. He LOVES that crap almost as much as I do. He laughs, and smiles, and squeals, and talks till I stop. GOD that kid is KILLING me. The lovely wife is trying to teach him to say "Mama"&"Dada". He's not quite there, but he does mimic the shape of the lips when each word is pronounced by the wife...
He is growing like nobody's bizness! (It's no doubt because he is CONSTANTLY eating) Yesterday, he ate EVERY hour and sometimes twice an hour all day! Literally ALL day.
I'm starting to worry. I don't want this kid to be bigger than me when he is one year old. I won't be able to carry a 150 lb. kid on my shoulders, and lord knows I will NOT be changing his diapers if he's that big.
Ok. I have talked your ears off dear blog, so I am going to bid you adieu for the day.
I will finish the second half of this post tomorrow, filling you in on the rest of the crap that has been going on with me.

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