Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Crazy Whirlwind pt. 2

So,where was I?
Ah yeah, I left you hanging with #'s 5,6,7 & 8 to go.
On to it then.
5. As was alluded to in Crazy Whirlwind pt. 1, the wife and I have devolved into the "roommates" area of our relationship.
We are both guilty of allowing this to happen, and I wont bore you with divulging who is the perpetrator of specific actions which helped contribute to our relatonship becoming what it seems to be today.
We come and go, grunting the most basic greetings to each other.
"Man" and "Dude" are used as terms of endearment.
Kisses abruptly end due to assumptions of other intentions.
And the biggest problem...
There are various other factors involved, but the biggest reason for our disruption of wedded bliss is once again-
The T.V.
For me, T.V. has got to be the most addictive of stimuli out there.
On a nightly basis, we come home, eat, (really fast) take care of whatever the sprout needs, and commence to watching television. It's gotten so bad that when we feed the boy on the couch in the t.v. room, (can you believe there's a room dedicated to an appliance?) his eyes avert to the idiot box, and he then becomes distracted. As a result of the distraction, he stops eating.

Is television more important than eating to some?

As I said, there are other factors that can be blamed for our problem, and I have been contemplating various solutions to our problem. After reviewing various strategies I've narrowed the list down to three which will help us become the HOT&HEAVY couple we used to be. Okay, maybe not hot&heavy, but I know for a fact that we were well beyond luke warm.

One of the solutions to our problem may be finding some excercises/games/books that require us to work as a team, and prompts us to rely on one another to find a solution.

Another solution could be for us to GO OUT. We could do dinner, or a movie, or just visiting friends for the evening.

But most importantly, we need to just turn the t.v. OFF! I have condmned the evil powers of television many times before, and will probably do so at least a thousandfold more.
I honestly think that if the t.v. stays off, and we allow ourselves just three t.v. shows a week when in the company of each other, then we'll have more time to do interesting things, and interact with one another.
We succeeded in keeping the television off this evening, and we were able to converse like we actually LIKE each other. (That was sarcasm. We DO like, and even LOVE each other immensely, it's just that we've become too comfortable sitting within the crackly haze of the t.v.
So, I think we're gonna try and keep the tube turned off.
Wish us luck in getting rid of our pesky roommates.

6. I went to the old job last monday, and took the boy with me. It was nice to see the old gang. The receptionist's desk had a new rug beneath it, (the last one was done for a while ago) the floor mural had beenrefreshed, and the break room was painted. Before the entire room was just white. Now there are browns, and rusty orange colors all over the place.
It looked pretty nice.
I was more than pleased to see the Canuck whose blog she and her husband contribute to which you can check out by just clicking Jaqui&Ryan's midwest adventure located in the Links section to the right of this post. I've always considered the Canuck a smart cookie, and I miss conversing with her about books, and movies.
I got to see Minty, who was unfortunately busy with clients, and so I really did'nt get to chew the fat with her. It was really good seeing her though. Oh well, next time dear Minty. Next time.
I got to see Ms. Rohr if you're Nasty, who is doing pretty well. I'm sad to say that we have'nt hung like I thought we would after leaving. She and I have been busy with "life" and time offers us very small windows of opportunity. That sucks, because I LOVE being engulfed within the positive, selfless, nurturing energy that she exudes. Ms. Rohr has the uncanny ability to make those around her so comfortable that any and all defenses are unconciously lowered within the span of moments.
But who I wanted to see most was Wisconsin. I kid you not- even though we grew up separated by several hundreds of miles apart, I would swear that snippets of our lives were one in the same. It seemed we had the same influences, quirky habits, interactions wiith others, musical tastes, dark senses of humor, and heavily protected/guarded feelings and insecurities.
Just speaking with her for moments at a time made me feel a bit less like the odd man out.
Sorry I missed ya' buddy.
We'll see you soon for those pictures of the boy.

7. Look up Vegas Vic's Tiki Lounge for all your surf, exotica, crime, & swinging musical needs. Mmmm. Retro musical goodness.
Also check out Bunch of Betty's podcast/blog. It's a neat blog/podcast that features female musicians of damn near every genre of music. You can also download ALL of the music you hear on her podcast legally, and in most cases, for free! Check it out.

8. This Cinco De Mayo found us drinking margaritas and watching the Mexican/Latin television show SABADO GIGANTE! with Jeffro and Rachel Jam. Boy oh boy I love me some Sabado. It has it all. Over the top mexican progamming, clothing which sometimes leaves little to the imagination, cheesy leading men, Silly sketch comedy, artificially bouyant blonde wanna be's, and women who look like women are SUPPOSED to look. (No bony chicks)
The show is sort of a rip off of some popular shows on t.v., like The Price is Right, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Saturday Night Live, with a little Benny Hill thrown in for good measure.
GOD I love that show, and I try to make time for it every saturday. It's on the Univision channel, and even though I can only make out a few words/expressions, I can't stop watching the show.
Fortunately, our guests seemed to enjoy the show as much as we did.
Well, I have run out of steam and things to say, and the boy is ready for his midnight snack, so I'm gonna sign out.

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elle c. said...



Mr. crazy whirlwind, you have friends in town who adore your and lovely! who have two babies and whould love to watch and a little one for the evening and gladly give sprout back.

You have to understand that the little guy is prime baby sitting material. He doesn't walk, so he can't destroy the house. He drinks from a bottle, so he doesn't make a mess. All he wants to do is swing, play and poop!!!

We have all of the equipment in the garage.

Get on the phone...man call Sage and Mecca, we all have kids now and we can hang out together, pop in a video and chill - no smoking, ha, ha, ha.

Think about it, me, you, lovely, sage, mecca and four kids ages 5 months to 4 years once a month its a date. One month we drive up, nest month they drive down. Bring some food, a movie and laugh.

Think about it. The cypher transcend to the next generation. Love you guys.