Wednesday, May 23, 2007

C'mon Chris Bradley, Predict Us Some Rain!

So a few days ago, I noticed this billboard about a block away from my house. The lovely wife and I were walking the dogs, and I happened to see a giant pair of...
(insert crude nickname for breasts here)
Now, because falsies don't tend to raise my eyebrows, I noted that for a fake pair they were pretty ok, and that the punchline was pretty funny.
Cool. I was done with it.
But then-
a few days later,
while looking up funny billboard post sites, I happened upon this billboard that changes due to PRECIPITATION(!)
(Or for you neanderthals that are just reading this post for the boobies- RAIN)
If the billboard in my hood is anything like the ones in germany, I think there are gonna be a lot of people watching the forecast a Hell of a lot more intently.
Including me.
Yeah, yeah ladies.
I know I'm a PIG just like all the rest of the guys...

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nicole said...

where is that billboard located?