Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bruce Lee?

I'm starting to worry about who might be inside my lovely wife. What I mean is, I think there may be a chinese karate master currently living inside her belly. Every time I go to feel the lovely wife's stomach, I feel a THUMP! Not just a bump mind you, but a World Wrestling Federation worthy shoulder block type thing. What worries me most about our active little sprout is the fact that he/she may be particularly athletic.
Because I, dear readers-am NOT.
Now, I Am actually Extremely coordinated- I truly have "cat-like reflexes" (This fact I always point out to my wife), and I have a good sense of balance, but it's the hand eye coordination of the "traditional" sports that gets me. I could easily scale a rock-climbing wall, and I'm pretty good at Muy Thai Kickboxing according to my ex-trainer, (I had to quit because of my work schedule) and I was/am a pretty fast runner, But I seem to have problems with launching a basketball and getting it to successfully pass thru a hoop on even a slightly consistent basis. I can't seem to catch a football, (I think my hands, chest, and arms are made of rubber) and you can forget about me having a respectable batting average.
The lovely wife was good at baseball, my brother was a good football player, and my dad was good at basketball. So honestly, I really do hope the kid IS good at "traditional" sports. She/he will give those guys someone to live vicariously through. And maybe, just maybe the kid will turn out to have "sweet Muy Thai skills", and "cat-like reflexes" like their dear old dad. I look forward to climbing faux mountains, and giving evil-doers an extended front kick with you kiddo!

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Zany Mama said...

"cat like reflexes"?

Cool. That's probably a pretty handy skill. It will definitely save your life in the early days of child rearing - their necks are all wobbly and they tend to emit foul substances frequently and without warning.