Monday, November 27, 2006


Sleepless Nights
"Name Calling"
Bedroom Painting
Uncomfortably Hot/Cold
These are the things that have been going on with the lovely wife and I this week so far...
The sprout has been hiccuping off and on for the past week/week and a half? It's really weird, because you can feel each little twitch on the surface of the wife's stomach. What's even weirder is the fact that the sprout even HAS hiccups. I thought they were caused by air becoming trapped in the lungs. How can air become trapped when 1. The baby is submersed in amniotic fluid and 2. If said baby is submersed in said fluid, wouldn't LIQUID fill the lungs when their mouth was opened, or if the sprout inhaled? So the question we need answered is, how does air even get to the lungs? I guess we'll have to ask the doc.
The wife is suffering from backaches and it is not fun for her. She has a job where she stands all day, and I think that's wearing on her more and more as the baby grows inside her. I have been trying to get her to just sit and take it easy, but she's pretty independent and doesn't seem to want to give the impression that she can't pull her own weight. I guess I have to finagle some way to get her to not stress about seeming slack.
This weekend I slept on the couch a couple of times till pretty early the next morning so as to help the wife stretch out and be more comfy while in bed. She hasn't had a good night's sleep for quite a few weeks because basically, she's COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE. She isn't able to sleep on her back, which would be the most comfortable for her. Sleeping this way is frowned upon by the doc, because it could potentially harm the baby. So, she must sleep on her side which hurts her back, and hips. I really feel for her, so sleeping downstairs isn't so bad. (Plus- I got to watch whatever action movies I wanted, eat whatever annoyingly crunchy foods I wanted, and stretch out as much as I wanted without hearing bed hogging complaints)
The only drawback to sleeping on the couch is the dogs. One is about 50lbs., and the other is 75, and they BOTH try and squeeze onto a couch which, when unfolded is about the size of a twin bed.
Still looking for boy's names...
We have one, and we have two, maybe three solid girl's names, but we are gonna sit on those till the sprout's birthday.
Each of us has made the mistake of telling various people some of the monikers we had been kicking around, and they were met with crazy scrutiny. so we have discontinued telling the names we may stick the kid with. We have some good ones, but we want to have at least two or three for each gender on standby. That way, when we see the baby we can name he of she accordingly based on their appearance, and demeanor.
We spent a total of about 6 hours (not consecutively) painting bees, and flowers in the sprout's room this weekend. there are quite a few bumble bees (A few folks said they were symbols of good luck), and their stripes are a pain in the posterior. There are some really thin lines, and staying within the lines are next to impossible. Ah, what the hey, it will all be worth it when the room is finished.
and finally, the wife is pretty much ALWAYS hot, and I seem to be cold all the time...
I HATE being cold.
Winter is coming.
I HATE winter.
We will soon fight about the temperature on the thermostat. (I love that word-I mean, c'mon how often does one say "thermostat"?)
I'm sure I will bite my tongue and the bullet and just put on a million layers, and a couple of blankets when sitting around the house. Lord knows you do not want to be in the same room with an uncomfortable pregnant lady.
I'm sure I'll get it for that one...

Well, hopefully my oral diarrhea wasn't too boring, but I need to keep some important people abreast of all the crazy crap going on with the wife the sprout and I.

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