Friday, November 24, 2006


I am currently sitting at the receptionist's desk greeting people as they enter the building, fielding questions/concerns, and booking appointments for various co-workers. Basically what I am doing is busy work, AND IT IS FRIGGIN' KILLING ME!!!
Why am I at work??? It's the day after Thanksgiving for Chrissakes! Work is the last place people should be today! What with all the sales going on, the dissipating ozone induced unseasonably warm weather 56 degrees(!!???!!), and the slow emergence from the turkey comas we are all going through, people forced to work today have every ounce of my sympathy.
Which brings me to my point. This is a call to arms! Everyone forced to work today should revolt in their own personal manner, whether it be taking 10 extra minutes for lunch, passing out anonymous copies of your butt around the office, or simply leaving, only to return on monday. Do it I say! Show the man the power we wield as the people who keep his companies going! With Solidarity, we can all feel a little better about being stuck in the workplace when the more fortunate are out and about enjoying their short weeks/long weekends! Anarchy in the workplace!!! The degree is your perrogative! Help yourself to some personal vindication before your day ends!
Me? I have had 8 cups of coffee so far, and I plan to talk incessantly due to my caffeine buzz- thus getting on all who enter my vicinity's nerves. This will undoubtedly keep everyone away from me, and I will be able to relax and do things like write riot inducing words on this blog.
PEACE, and enjoy your weekend, be it long or short.

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