Monday, November 06, 2006

Twist Party Pt. 2

Went to see Los Straitjackets Friday, and it was great! The Twist Party was rockin' (even though I didn't twist).
The Jackets were VERY tight, and they even helped with vocals!
Kaiser George sang a lot more than he did last time we saw them, and he was also much better.
And then theres the Famous Pontani Sisters. How can I possibly describe the burlesque-y goodness that each of their swaying, twisting hips provided.
Unfortunately my camera was on the fritz, because there were loads of photos to be taken. Not just of the concert either. There were a ton of Greasers there clad in white tees with cigarette boxes rolled in the sleeves, gas station attendant jumpers, and slicked back hair. There were also lots of cool looking pseudo-Betty Pages, all in different getups, but that was pretty much the extent of their differences. The real standout was a blonde number who looked like she just stepped out of a time machine. This doll was straight out of the 50's! She had on a leopard print pencil skirt, and a black angora sweater. Va-Va-Voooom! The lovely wife and our partner in crime Scotty-D had a lot of fun, and whenever Los Straitjackets are in town, go see them by any means necessary!
Oh yeah, get out and vote tomorrow!

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