Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why Am I doing this?

The lovely wife has provided me with the subject for this evening's writing. She pretty much asked me what the appeal of Blogging was. She asked if I had ever kept a diary before. (men keep JOURNALS my dear) My response was "no". She also asked the reason why I almost religiously log on daily and check out what people are writing.
My knee-jerk response was, " because I'm nosy".
Now that may be the truth, but it's only the surface reason. I AM nosy, but I am very interested in reading what people who share my sense of humor, musical tastes, quirky personality, and love for writing have to say. Honestly, it's IMPORTANT to me. If I can encounter and interact with like-minded individuals on a daily basis, then it makes me feel a little more normal. Heaven forbid I appear as conformist-Lord knows I do all I can to prevent this, but I do want to experience some semblance of normalcy-
even if it IS among the fringe of society.
I think MY main reason for providing a window for any and everyone to peer through is simply because I want to be heard.
And I believe that's why everyone that dedicates time, energy, and brain power to spilling their guts online does so.
I appreciate the individuals who express themselves on a daily basis and the wonderful food for thought they provide.

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SRH said...

If there are places that you check religiously, might I suggest creating a blogroll for those of us interesting in seeing what you read?