Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goings On...

Happy New Week Everybody!!!
I hope you're all happy to start your new work week back up again. Just 5 more days, and the weekend will be back for me.
(4 for the regular working stiffs)
Because I missed "Heroes" last night I'm sure I will be banned from the water cooler until next week. I hope the new season is good- and without any dumb "Save the cheerleader, save the world" catch phrase crap. (although I must admit, a LOT of people heard it, and watched that storyline arc because of that equally silly and annoying tag line.)
Anyway, Today is the start of my new work week, and I'm pretty o.k. with it. I need to be at work, but I would rather stay at home with the lovely wife on baby alert. Baby alert is actually a lot less stressful, unnerving, and downright frightening than I thought it would be nine months ago. A typical evening while on baby alert consists of, lounging on the couch, volleying baby boy names (still can't think of one), zoning in front of the t.v., hanging in the kitchen while dinner is prepared, more t.v. zoning, assembling the many baby accessories friends and family gave us for my wife's multiple baby showers, and fretting about where to put all the assembled loot. We are swiftly running out of space for all the baby stuff, and it cannot be more evident that we need to get rid of a LOT of crap. Maybe if I can throw one thing that we haven't used in a year away each day, then it wont seem like we are the hoarders that we are slowly but surely becoming.
Yesterday the wife and I went to the baby doc and she informed the lovely wife that she was 50% effaced. Just a week ago, she told us that she wasn't at all. I'm guessing that that is pretty good, and that we are 50% closer to having the sprout than not. The doc also guesstimated that the sprout is around about 7 pounds right now, and I must say that although that is average, I am impressed. I never thought I would/could produce a NORMAL sized bambino. I'm a small fry, and when I came into the world I was maybe 4 pounds. Wayyyy underweight. (and on time) So, to think that there's a possibility that my kid won't be a shrimp like his dear old doggie daddy really makes me...
You know what? None of that really matters. I don't care if the kid is a pip squeak or a frankenstein, just let him/her come out healthy and happy and all will be right in the world to me.
The bags are packed, the car seat is in, and I have a couple of movies in mind to take to the hospital with us. (YES the hospital has dvd players!) Yeah buddy-we are ready!!! All that remains is the call. I don't know when I will get it, but when I do, I will be as cool as a cucumber. (Yeah right) I know I will be a wreck, but- I will try to be as calm as possible when interacting with the wife. We don't need TWO crazy people running around in circles screaming, hollering, and panicking when at least ONE of us needs to be calm so that the other can be as well.
Well, I guess that's all I have to say right now, but I will keep you posted dear blog as to the ongoing adventures in baby making...

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Zany Mama said...

I hear congratulations are in order, so CONGRATULATIONS!

Welcome to papa-hood, JW!