Friday, January 12, 2007

Nothing new...

Not much to say tonite...
I watched another episode of Afro Samurai, and again it was O.K.
That is until the love scene. (I hate animated love scenes) They had some R. Kelly type r&b bullshit accompanying the act. What the HELL does R. Kelly, or whoever was trying to sound like him have to do with a samurai action show???
They are losing me, but I'm willing to give it one more episode.
I had a client come in yesterday who gave me a terrific website. it's called PANDORA.COM. It is a really sweet site. Like LIVE365.COM you can type in the name of a musical artist, or genre of music and they will play tunes by that artist, or songs within that genre, but unlike 365, it goes further. Pandora acts as a reference site directing you to SIMILAR artists or songs which fit the genre chosen. 365 scratches that surface, but Pandora goes the extra mile- even providing cover art from the recommend artist's cd's. It's a great site that I will use in tandem with 365. Live 365 will give me the names of rare and obscure artists currently being played, and I will then look to Pandora to give me an album name, and similar sounding bands. Soon I will be so swamped in music, it will not be funny. (really I'm ALREADY swamped, but I don't care. You never know when you will need a Don Ho, Carmen Miranda, or Kashmere Stage Band song to liven up a situation)

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