Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One Centimeter, Boobs, Equality, Burgers, and Blue Jackets...

A bunch of crap happened between Friday and today, and I have a couple of itchy fingers, so I'm gonna write all about said crap in order of most to least important.
This morning, we went to see the OBGYN for my lovely wife's now weekly checkup till the sprout uh, sprouts. All was well, the wife is at 38 weeks, has dilated one centimeter, and feels pretty good- save some sore hips. We found out that the lovely wife's numbers (sugar, protein) are perfect, her weight gain is where it should be, (24 lbs.) and that Baby White (as named by a couple of friends) is facing downward. We also learned that the kid will be exceptionally pleasing to the eye, very personable, and successful throughout their life in everything that they do...
O.K., maybe we DON'T know for sure that the kid will be personable or successful, but that's alright. We have the fact that he/she will be an extremely attractive individual (just like her/his parents) to fall back on.

Yesterday we met with our potential pediatrician. He was an alright guy, and had a good sense of humor- which I liked. He was pretty cool, but almost overly so. He had sort of a wanna-be cool high school counselor type of thing going on. He used some "hip" lingo, but it seemed just SLIGHTLY strained. Plus he used the word "BOOB" twice when referring to my lovely wife's breasts. He said something like, "It takes patience and practice to get the baby to attach to your BOOB when feeding".(!)
I don't quite remember exactly how he used "BOOB" the next time, which was a few seconds later, because I was still reeling from the first time he said it. The word BOOB isn't bad or offensive to me, criminy, I nearly use the word on a daily basis. (DON'T ASK) It's just that I expected a DOCTOR to use a more technical term. Anyway, he answered all the questions we fretted and sweated to come up with-I mean, how are we as new parents supposed to know what to ask a doctor we've never had a need for?
All in all, everything went well, and he seemed like a good choice.

Yesterday was also Martin Luther King's Birthday. I didn't attend any of the festivities occurring around town and I felt bad, but I DID take some time out to reflect how well things have become for brown people here in the states, and how much further we as a society still have to go in order for everybody across the board to truly feel equal.

Sunday the lovely wife and I wanted to discontinue our monotonous cycle of waking up, going to work, coming home, watching t.v. till we go to bed, and waking up-so we decided to go out (together) for a change. The wife asked me out on a date to the Thurman Cafe for dinner for the BEST HAMBURGERS EVER! From there we went to the Book Loft and got lost within it's labyrinthine corridors and rooms for about an hour and a half. We wanted to go next door to Cup o' Joe for coffee and conversation, but it was already 11:00, and the joint was closed. That was o.k., because we spent the entire night talking, and getting to know each other again. Sunday was really the highlight of the weekend.

Saturday night, my co-workers and I met at Nationwide Arena for a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. it was cool, but no one really devoted too much time to watching the game. We all pretty much just talked and mingled with one another, and with our host-a client who invites us to a game each year with she and some friends to watch in a "box" she reserves. It was a decent spread. There was food (pizza, wings, pasta) soda, and LOTS OF BOOZE!!! After the game, we were feeling pretty good, and we then headed to the Bar of Modern Art to hang out. I must admit, the club scene isn't mine, but it was surprisingly entertaining, and fun. Amid the Uber-Cool scenesters there were regular folks, nerds, sluts, geeks, hip-hoppers, gays, soccer moms and dads, and soon to be golden buckeye card recipients. (My kind of crowd) There was something for everyone. And because the crowd was so diverse, everyone could feel "cool" there. The bartenders were quite generous, (I got a FREE drink-and man was it stiff) and as swift as they were polite.
The art was excellent, they featured a room COMPLETELY covered in graffiti, a room with hand grenade headed resin action figurines, and a room with religious collage/oil interpretations. I'm not doing any of the artwork justice, so browse the site, and look up each of the artist's works.

Man my fingers are tired as hell! I guess when I wait a few days to post, the floodgates burst when I decide to do so again.
Hopefully my long-windedness hasn't contributed to your dozing off dear reader, and I will again make the empty promise to try and write daily, so as to avoid these long-ass posts
Anyway, it's late, and I am out of stuff to talk about, so I am going to bed.

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