Friday, January 19, 2007

I've Been Converted...

For dessert tonight, my lovely wife and I had Jeni's Ice Cream.
I must admit, that I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT A FAN OF ICE CREAM ON COLD, BLUSTERY DAYS WHEN THE HAWK IS OUT. I decided to get some for the lovely wife after work. ('Cuz you know how them pregnant women LOVE ice cream) Apprehensively, I asked for a spoonful-which led to at least three more, and every single taste bud was completely pleased. We got Orange Flower, Creme' de Violet, and Pear Riesling and each flavor was excellent. We conducted experiments with mixing flavors and found that Pear and Creme' de Violet tastes like a Pear Creamcicle! My wife didn't seem to care for the Orange Flower, but I thought it was great. I don't know what prompted my sudden desire to eat ice cream, but boy did it pay off!
I've never really cared for ice cream when it's cold because it's cold-
And it makes me cold-
And I don't like to be cold.
At all.
Just about everyone I know expresses their delight with the occasional ice cream treat between the months of December and March. Some claim it's the thrill of eating a luxury supposedly reserved only for warm afternoons and nights. Maybe it helps remind people that summer is not SO far away. I personally feel that there would HAVE to be some folks that eat ice cream during the winter months because they can take their time. If the chance of the ice cream melting is lessened exponentially, then- the ice cream can be enjoyed for a LONGER PERIOD OF TIME.
What if some people don't even NEED a reason?

If the solution can be as easy as putting on a thermal shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, windbreaker, scarf, wool cap, ear muffs, heavy socks, snow pants, and gloves to enjoy Jeni's ice creams like I did tonight, then so be it.

PEACE till next week.

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