Monday, January 01, 2007

Sprout's Humble Abode...

Whew! We literally just finished the sprout's room, and it's a good thing. We only have FOUR weeks till she or he arrives! Wow man, to think I will soon be somebody's DAD. The lovely wife has been having contractions, but they're only sporadic at best.
Nonetheless, we have been prepping for the day/night we have to run to the hospital to birth our baby! We have been going over the names we like best, what we need to remember to pack in order for the wife to be most comfy, making a list of snacks she may want, and making a cd chock full of relaxing and soothing tunes. The hardest decision seems to be what outfit to pack for the lil' gal or guy.
Anyway, the room is done-except for some outline work, and painting the tacks the cloud mobiles hang from the same color as the ceiling. Not too much work left.
We wanted to go with an insect sort of theme, because each window in the room is surrounded by flowers during the summer, and we wanted the room to feel as if insects were just passing through. We found a lot of the decor items at IKEA, (cool stuff, and VERY cheap) and our favorites are the leaf shaped canopy for the bed, (it gets pretty bright in that room on sunny days) and the sun shaped ceiling sculpture.
It has honestly been a pain in the rear to accomplish, but after seeing the finished product, I must say, it was well worth the effort. Now I'm just ready for the occupant of the domicile to arrive.

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