Friday, January 05, 2007

Two of Two...

The time is drawing nigh. In a matter of just under four weeks, (According to Baby Doc) I will become one of the MOST important individuals in a person's life. Let's consider that for a moment, shall we? This means that ALL of my actions, spoken thoughts, personality traits, insecurities, and beliefs will be under a little microscope to be scrutinized, sponged, and simulated. So, I MUST be on point. Seriously. ONE slip of my Drunken Sailor's tongue, and I could wind up with a kid suspended from preschool. ONE criticism of the lovely wife, though she posesses not a trait that I COULD criticize- (whew) ONE criticism of the lovely wife could be repeated, thus earning me the comfort and warmth of the couch. Most importantly- I must keep in mind that ONE disrespectful, or dishonorable act toward another could set a standard.
Cognitive and Active Responsibility must be a way of life now, and I have to further develop and hone those abilities in order to help me to be aware of the consequences BEFORE the actions. More importantly, I have to instill those skills in my kid, nuturing them until she/he exhibits them on his/her own.
Man. Becoming the BEST DAD IN THE EXISTENCE OF MAN sure is gonna be a lot of Damn work...
PEACE, till next week.

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