Monday, February 02, 2009

Well, look what the cat's dragged in...

Wow. It sure is dusty in here.
Dank and dark...
Ah. The light switch.
Hm. Looks just the way I left it.
Ha. Still has that slight electric feeling.
It leaves a metallic taste in your mouth-
and it smells like it does when you pull on a sweater that went through a cycle without a dryer sheet.
That static-y sulfur smell that surrounds you, while miniscule fireworks pop all around your head and light the darkness.
It feels good here.
Lots of memories.
A bit of an education.
Some self awareness.
Quite a lot of fun.
I tried something NEW and it didn't seem to work out.
Just didn't feel the same.
A clone missing ONE piece of DNA.
Close, but no cigar.
I didn't feel COMPELLED to write, to share the things I was experiencing like I did here.
I guess I didn't CARE by that point.
So I didn't write.
And by not writing, I had no reason to seek out interesting and artistic things to broaden my horizons.
And that for me is NOT GOOD.
When I'm not working on something interesting and positive in the old noggin, well then, that's when negativity, passivity, and complacency becomes prevalent.
Idle hands/Devil's playground eh?
So the only way to remedy my dilemma is to do what
makes me happy
relaxes me
stimulates me
makes me easier to be around.
I guess I'm back.

I just better not have any more problems with editing

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