Saturday, December 16, 2006

C'mon, Man- Just Turn It OFF...

O.k. Not EVEN two minutes ago, I'm chillin' on the couch watching t.v. (flipping channels) with my lovely "I'm not asleep" wife, and I happen upon the E!ntertainment! channel. There is a Squirly doctor being filmed, facing a woman's shall we say, lower torso in stirrups performing some kind of medical act behind the grayish-white censor fuzz. Being a guy about to sit in on a similar medical situation in about a month and a half, my ears perked. For about a split second, I thought it might be some kind of "Baby Story" type of reality show where they follow a pregnant couple around till the kid makes a guest appearance. Boy, was I wrong. There, on screen was one of those "Pop Up Video" captions with words I NEVER thought I would see on television-
much less the ACTUAL procedure. E!ntertainment! Dr. Beverly Hills LABIAPLASTY.


The surgeon then went on to describe exactly what it was that he was doing and at the same time justified/patronized/capitalized on the incredible vanity/insanity/insecurity(?) of his client's wish to have a "more youthful looking vagina", and a refurbished virginity. But the cherry on top (Sorry ladies, I couldn't resist) of this short yarn is- the surgeon then had the BALLS to state, (while performing a SURGICAL PROCEDURE with the purpose of helping make the wife's area more appealing to her husband) with as much conviction as a slimy "Dr. Beverly Hills " surgeon could, that he was a FEMINIST.


If that ain't good old down home feminism, I don't know what is.
*Names of programs have been changed to keep my ass from being subpoenaed*

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