Wednesday, December 27, 2006


What up!?!!??!?
I am back at it. Christmas was LOVELY! The wife and I got to do the family thing with both sets, we got to hang out with our super-cool friend Scotty-D who prepares a MEAN fondue! The lovely wife has never had the opportunity to try fondue, and neither had I, and I must say that we were impressed. So much so, that I think I'm gonna go out and get a fondue set of my own. Now, I know that it will soon share the same fate as our electric waffle iron, our magic pizza chef, and our espresso machine that sit in the basement junk- uh... Storeroom, but-
No matter! I have the money to be wasted on impractical cooking gadgets, and waste money I will. Right now, a fondue set seems fun, and by God, if only for 10 minutes, fun is fun!
No really, If I can find one that is relatively inexpensive, then I may procure one. It would be fun to host a fondue party, and quite romantic for the wife and I to use alone.

We also got to hang with our friends Matt&Jess from Los Angeles. They are such a breath of fresh air, and we really had a good time with them. They accompanied us to a pretty good Thai restaurant, and hung out with us at the house. As usual, they gave us incredible insight in terms of our relationship, us as individuals, and married life. It was cool to receive as well as give food for thought to friends who we know will give what was said as much consideration as we will.

I've been missing my immediate family who lives in Florida this Holiday season. I want to see them, but I can wait till the sprout arrives. (Barely)

The sprout has still been kicking like Jackie Chan, the room is finished, except for some last minute cloud mobile things I decided to make out of poster board, cotton balls, and glitter. All I have to do is hang them from the ceiling, and I promise I will post photos of the sprout's room.

That's pretty much all I've got. Oh yeah, my favorite gift was a considerably less holed-up pair of long johns. (thermal underwear) I got to give 'em a test run this morning while walking the dogs, and I must say, they worked like a charm. The lovely wife knows that the fastest way to my heart is a warm set of breeches.
Feel free to tell me what your favorite gift was for the Holiday.

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