Friday, December 22, 2006

Interesting Stuff...

I think I'm just gonna give some shout outs and references to a couple websites tonite before I wish A Very Merry.
First and foremost, I was referred to a site by my favorite co-worker, (let's just call her WISCONSIN) called Tasvu. This website is a sort of link to all kinds of beautiful artistic strangeness. you can find super-cool euro clothing that is COMPLETELY out of my price range- $350 bucks for a winter vest, $400 smackers for a pair of jeans, etc. You can look at various illustrator's artwork, amazing photographers with photoshop manipulated works, and other photographs that contain colors so vivid, they almost look as if they've been rendered with day-glo paint. My favorite photo is from Nadege Meriau of a cat peering through a mouse hole. It's a really beautiful piece of art, and as sweet and cuddly as the cat's face looks, you know what's gonna happen to the mouse if this incredible hunter catches it. The photo is an expression of the duality of the cat's innocent outward appearance, and it's ferocious killer instincts.
There are vintage telephone books, and Glenn Sprecht has photos of nouveau pin-up dolls, that I must say are quite enchanting, and there are even old comic books.
I MUST recommend this website to anyone interested in avant art. I spent a good hour and a half browsing, and I did'nt even scratch the surface of what this site has to offer.
AND a good amount of the sites have LINKS to other sites.
Thanks a lot WISCONSIN for giving me yet another reason for spending hours at the computer.
No really, THANKS.
Second site is Live 365. It's an internet radio site, where you can download radio stations of every type. From Folk to Reggae, & Alternative, to International. You just type in a genre, a band, or musician in the search box, and you will be directed to various stations that frequently play the type of music, or the musician you searched for. The kicker is that this service is FREE! There are a few annoying commercials, but it is totally worth it. I have found tunes that I would NEVER have found had I not encountered this site. Some of my stations include Obscure 80's, Tiki/Polynesian, Surf, French Pop, Underground Hip-Hop, and Bluegrass. It is an Excellent find, and if you are a music fan, it is a MUST.
Well, it's pretty late, and I have to wrap my lovely wife's gifts before hitting the hay. I also have to be back at work in just a matter of hours, so-
PEACE, and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/ Happy (belated) Hanukkah/Happy Kwaanzaa, etc.
By the way, don't expect to hear from me for at least 4 days...
See Ya!

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