Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Halls Are Decked

I don't have to be at work until noon today, (which is very unnerving- being the holiday season and all) so I decided to write early. Last night the lovely wife and I decorated the Christmas tree. We had been busy with shopping, and doctor's appointments, and getting the baby's room ready, and lamaze class, and stuff like that, so we really had no time to do so prior to this evening.
But last night was the night. We put on our favorite holiday tunes, (Charlie Brown Christmas, Jackson 5 Christmas, Classic Christmas songs, etc.) and got to work. It was fun, but the wife has been sore lately, so all that moving around was hard for her, although she did not admit it. She kept on going till the end so as not to spoil the mood. Bless her for being a trooper and sticking it out to the end...
The tree looks mighty fine I must say. We were able to put all our favorite Cristopher Radko ornaments. His website doesn't give you the full scope of the many various types of ornaments his company makes so check here to see all the intricate hand blown ornaments we love. Now I admit, the guy is pretty cheesy-looking, but once you receive an ornament as a gift, or buy your own, you are pretty much hooked. (Thanks Scott for helping us along to the poor house.)
I included some photos of the tree, and a few of our favorite ornaments.

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