Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weekend Activities Pt. 1

What up?!!? I just want to say that it is good to be back...
Last week all that sinus/sore throat/stuffy nose madness was killing me. It is finally gone, and good riddance!
Saturday was when I began to feel back to normal, and it was the beginning of a crazy busy weekend. After work on Sat. the lovely wife and I hung out around the house watching the OSU men's basketball game. It was pretty good, and the new kid Oden played. He has been out because of an injury till that game, and with a bum right hand he was still pretty effective racking up a bunch of rebounds and blocks. Look at me- talking like I actually know something about sports...
Anyway, the wife and I eventually agreed that it was time to eat. We also agreed that we wanted something GOOD for dinner, usually meaning something BAD for us. We then came to the conclusion that we wanted barbecue. There is a place on Lockborne & Whittier called H Johnson restaurant and Dairy which sells Beef ribs. (the only kind I will eat) The lovely wife wanted a brisket sandwich, so I set out on my journey to the 'hood to pick up our dinner. Once there, I placed my order, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they sold greens without pork. My lucky day. While waiting for my order, I hung out with a guy I'm sure many folks wouldn't want to see in a dark alley, much less a bright one. He was a monster of a guy physically. After about a minute of just sitting in the cramped waiting area, I ended up asking the cat about his Thanksgiving. From there we ended up conversing about the game, kids- his three, and my sprout living inside the wife. Before the guy left, he offered his hand out for a handshake, and offered some advice about keeping my wife happy, and myself out of trouble during the remainder of her pregnancy.
Swell guy.
I was glad I consciously did not allow myself to fall into the usual routine of being shy which leads to antisocial behavior, because I got to talk to a real cool dude and got some pretty good advice to boot.
By the way, the ribs were o.k., and my greens were'nt in the bag when I got home.
I ended up popping the ribs we did not eat that night into the crock pot (after doctoring them up) and letting them simmer all day. I then chopped the beef up and we had some pretty damn good brisket sandwiches for dinner tonight.
Oh yeah, on friday, I went to see JAMNESIA for their last show of the year. It was pretty funky. My neighbor plays the MOOG keyboard in the band, and each time I happen upon a show, I am always impressed by how tight the band is. They played a couple of Funkadelic tunes, a Gil Scott Heron joint, and even a Radiohead(?) song. When was the last time you heard a funk band play Radiohead? They play all around town, so go out and support the band. It was a pretty Funky affair, and I'm glad I went. I didn't even mind being hit on by some guy in drag. Yeah, that's no typo. I just brandished the wedding ring, smiled politely and thanked hi-her for the compliment and all was good. Oh well, I guess I should be thankful that SOMEBODY thought I was interesting. Being a married guy, you gotta take ego boosts when and where you can get em'. So, thanks for umm, noticing uhh- lady. Well, it's pretty late, and I still have to renew some soon to be overdue books online.
I'll scribe more about this crazy busy weekend tomorrow.
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Ooh, ooh! Tell me about the in-law fiasco. I so need a pick me up today!