Monday, October 16, 2006

Almost Ready For The New Tenant...

This evening was pretty cool. We decided to do the sprouts room in a "honey I Shrunk The Kids" sort of theme, with big bees and flowers and various types of bugs sprinkled here and there. We have gotten busy, and are nearly complete!!! All that remains is getting a rocker, having an electrician install a neat SUN light fixture, and painting the various bees which fly about on our little ones walls. They are large and small, and they're flying toward a big honeycomb in the center of the room. (which we also have to paint) The lovely wife and I moved the dresser into the room, put a HUGE almost 5 foot (including stem) LEAF shaped canopy over the crib, and got the bed as ready as the materials on hand allowed. We added a jade plant, (soon to add lots of other types) a green weird euro toy holder hanging from the ceiling thing, and I installed a sweet Diaper and baby knickknack holder...
I have just now come to the realization that my days of being "cool" have officially come to an end. I just used the word Sweet when describing a baby diaper and knickknack(?!?) holder! WHO says knickknack? I mean aside from Martha Stewart, and she is certainly not COOL. Ah well, to quote the ever illustrious, debonaire, and distinguished Flavor Flav- "That's the way the ball bounces, Gee." But it's o.k., because it's FUN. It was fun doing stuff to prepare for the lil' guy/gal's appearance!
P.S., Thanx for all the good ideas and advice in terms of the room my LOVELY lovely, you are the queen of keeping us on point! XOXOXXOOOOXXXXOXO!

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SRH said...

Your coolness will only deplete more. and more... and more...... until you are finally uncool enough to hang with SRH