Friday, October 20, 2006


Well, my fearless co-workers and I apparently are NOT going to visit any spooky attractions this weekend. (See Boo entry)
No one has said anything in support of doing so today, and this weekend will be our last opportunity as a group. Despite my attempts to get folks hyped up about the idea, the plan just sort of sputtered out. Earlier this week, I asked everyone what they wanted to do, and all the people who were keen on the idea still sounded enthused. As the week progressed, I asked around again, and the majority of responses were pretty luke warm. From that point, I just decided to step over the dead horse as opposed to periodically nudging it in the hopes that there would be some glimmer of life. Oh well, I guess I know how Linus feels each year when he continuously misses the Great Pumpkin. (Each year I plan on going to some scary haunted house kind of thing, but end up being the only one still wanting to go in the end) Like Linus, my faith will be steadfast. Next year, I WILL be sufficiently scared (nearly to death), properly ushering in the Spooky Halloween Holiday Happenings!!!
Again, Rest In Peace.

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