Monday, October 30, 2006

The Leg Bone Connected To The...

Today, while in her prenatal yoga class, the lovely wife felt our little one's arm or leg. She said she was stretching, in some kind of unnatural yoga sort of way I'm sure, and she was told to put her hands on her belly. She said she then felt something weird. Upon further investigation, she realized it was an appendage she was feeling. Long and slender, with a hard bump on the end. (A heel?) Who knows. Almost as suddenly as she felt the mysterious body part, and after a change in position, the sprout must have moved, and the lovely wife could no longer feel the baby. I wish I could have been there...
Well probably not, cuz I'm sure I would have raised a heckuva ruckus.
It's GREAT that the wife is bonding with the sprout, and forming a relationship with our kid before he/she even gets here, and hearing her express her anticipation/excitement makes me feel very lucky to have her with me as a partner in our new roles as parents.
Wow man, the sprout is gonna spring VERRRRRRRRYYYYY soon!
And we are ready baby!!!

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