Wednesday, October 18, 2006


O.k., o.k., I know the title is crummy, but I have a few sites that crack me up, make me feel artsy-fartsy, and generally keep me feeling that although not in the LOOP, I am at the very least, in the OVAL.
The first, is Urban Drive-In. It's a movie guide/blog for films that play downtown and outside. Kind of a cool concept.
Second, Peekvid has Jpegs of animation, sports, t.v. shows ("Heroes" is awesome!), independent t.v.shows, and Japanese programming.
Allmusic is a new music website that's pretty good for music fans of pretty much every genre. Pretty slick.
The guy who's responsible for all the incessant rambling I subject my readers (All 3) to daily, has a blog titled
Under Construction. Witty writing, by a really smart dude. Check out "20 Questions Tuesday".
Awright, just a few more.
Providing hours of entertainment is, Make your own bush speech it's fun as hell making up your own crap to have bush speak.
Los Straitjackets are a Surf music band that visits columbus about once or twice a year, with a group of Go-Go dancers (not strippers- HUGE difference) called the Pontani sisters. They are living Pin-up dolls that do dance routines to the band's music. Va-va-voom! (look 'em up in the link section)
and last but not least is, Dirt dirt. This is a site where a guy has been taking a polaroid photo of one interesting object each day for the past few years I believe. Scroll back to see just how this guy sees the world he lives in. Try the dirt home page for different photos
Have fun spending boatloads of time with these sites as I have, and if you have any particularly good ones, tell me about them.

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