Friday, October 13, 2006


The Hawk is out!
Jack Frost is nipping EVERY extremity exposed.
It is COLD out.
Fall has not made an appearance this year, and Winter weather has been dropped on us seemingly without warning.
I HATE WINTER. I hate the fact that no matter how many articles of clothing that I put on between the months of October and May I am continuously cold. Thank God I got a week of hot weather while in Florida visiting Mom&Dad. The week of 90 degree weather heated my innards enough to make this week not so bad, but I'm starting to cool down already. It SNOWED on thursday for Chrissakes! Oh well, at least I have Halloween and Thanksgiving (my favorite holidays) to look forward to. I know it's only gonna get worse, and that I should just pull up my boot straps, hunker down, and just grin and bear the crummy season that's approaching, but it is gonna be HARD. So please bear with me, because I know I am going to be complaining from now until July.

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Zany Mama said...

Every year I say that I'm going to handle the cold weather with more grace. I'm not going to complain or give other people dirty looks just because it's cold outside.

But I always fail. I fail miserably. I faily consistently and with a vengeance.