Thursday, October 19, 2006

Be Afraid...

I made a promise to not post any political views, so as not to wear my partisanship on my sleeve but, when I saw this...
I don't know, but man I am getting NERVOUS. It's a little unnerving when there is a chance that the group of people TEX wants to police has NUCLEAR weapons, AND a guy in charge who is just as (insert your word/s of choice) as TEX is- then my passport finger seems to get a bit itchy. How does the first bar of "Oh Canada" go?
Even scarier is the continued destruction of the english language thanks to TEX. Grammatical errors run rampant whenever this man speaks.
For the record, Comparatively speaking on a global level, the U.S. is the most appealing place to live and I am appreciative of all that I am afforded as a citizen, but news of this sort doesn't bode well for my morale or my confidence in those who are supposedly running the show.
Check out the article, and come to your own conclusions.
PEACE. (please?)

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