Monday, October 23, 2006

Look At Us! Were All Shiny!!!

The lovely wife and I were invited by our closest friend to the "Bling Ball" this weekend, held at the Wexner Center for the Arts. The Bling Ball was a party which was thrown to commemorate the opening of the "Shiny" exhibit at the Wexner Center's main gallery. For the ball, we had to get all gussied up in swanky, fashionista-type apparel. Being a bit of a clothing peacock, I was extremely game. For the event, I donned an old-school electric blue sharkskin jacket, a pink ruffled tuxedo shirt, and smooth black slacks. LOUNGE LIZARD BABY! I could have been Sammy Davis' stunt double back in 50's Las Vegas. Ultra COOL Daddy-O! The wife wore a black cocktail dress, midnight black hose, a long black scarf tied around her curly lil' head, and a pair of heels that made her legs look 8 feet long. In those shoes, she developed a walk that I have never seen her do, and MAN, was it a walk! What a WOMAN!!!
Unfortunately, the next day her feet paid for the footwear selection.
Our friend wore an awesomely groovy black shirt with multiple vertical stripes of various colors. Cool tones, mind you, I don't want to give the impression that my homeboy was looking like a rainbow! He also wore a pair of black slacks, and a pair of blindingly shiny black patent leather shoes. Bling-bling indeed. Needless to say, we all looked impeccable.
So we get to the joint, and in order to enter the space where the festivities were being held, we had to descend a flight of red carpeted stairs. As we made our way down stairs, we were greeted by a-
How can I say this diplomatically?
We were greeted by a FULL figured Drag Queen who was equipped with a loud voice AND a microphone. We were also followed down the stairs by the eye of a video camera so as to make us feel like celebrities. (Maybe embarrassed "C" list celebrities, but celebrities none the less.) After our two seconds of fame, we quickly got drink tickets and the evening was under way.
Once the three of us got our beverages, my friend and I noticed how stiff they were. (It was sure to be a wonderful evening) We then made our way to the newly remodeled bookstore. There were books of all sorts, and we milled around browsing for a good 15 min. There was a particular book that caught my eye, as it was conceptual art from the old t.v. show "Battle of the Planets", or "Gatchaman" as it was known in Japan. Great artwork that brought back some fond memories. From there, we checked out the exhibit.
As I said, the exhibit was titled Shiny, and it consisted of works by various artists, and if you look here you can see all the who, what when, where, and why.
Outstanding among the works were, a photograph of Michael Jackson and Bubbles, VERY detailed miniature crockery (?) sculptures, two 6 foot (I think) mounted glass Rorschach images, and a HUGE blue steel sculpture of a balloon dog which is so intricate, it even has a knot at the end of it's nose and knotting where the balloon would have been twisted to form the sculpture. By all means go to the Wexner to see the exhibit, if not only to see the magnificent big blue dog.
After viewing the exhibit, we stepped in the auditorium to see the live band named Bling Kong from Brooklyn. They were kinda Lame, but at least I got to hear Prince's "Erotic City" before the set.
The event was kinda cool, but the highlights, aside from the art were the individuals in attendance. I saw another guy in a sharkskin jacket,(almost as cool as mine) a woman who I knew in a very pretty cocktail dress which was one piece of material completely held together, and in place by staples, and electrical tape. Cool. I also saw a guy who had some serious Serious BLING. The guy was a loud englishman who had a big ass gold pig sculpture around his neck. There was an amazon beauty who was in a silver bodysuit, TALL boots, and a big russian military winter fur hat thing, with an old-school hip-hop name buckle. "Sarah" was pretty tight. and then there was an asian woman who had on the most beautiful silk jacket I have ever seen. It was obviously asian influenced, and was made slightly askew. It was a bright, shiny metallic white with yellow designs all over it. I cannot do the jacket justice in my description, but believe me, it was NICE. All in all, the evening was a pretty big to-do, and was pretty fun. It was decent getting out and about, and even nicer getting all dressed up to do so.
Go to the Wexner and see this exhibit! It's free, and very interesting, and there is surely something for all artistic palettes.

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