Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Real Hip-Hop Will NEVER Die! Thanks To These Individuals...

Yo yo yo! I am going to be a blogging fool y'all! Now that I've figured out how to post photos, and link websites.
So, that's exactly what I will be doing. Tonite is once again dedicated to (real) Hip-Hop in it's various forms such as Graffiti, performance art, music, and photography. First off, I bought a book while on vacation called "Yes yes, y'all!" Written by Jim Fricke, and Charles Ahearn. This book documents the 1st decade of hip-hop by way of old photos and the dialogue of the rappers, artists, and D.j.s that emerged during that time. Check it out if you want to know what hip-hop is Really about.
I also want to give some info. about the WPS1 radio show "Yes yes, y'all!" it features Charlie Ahern conducting interviews and playing the music of some of hip-hop's most influential individuals, like RAMMELLZEE, a Very creative innovator of early graffiti based on a font he claims has mathematical origins, a musician, (some of his rhymes are heard in the interview, not very good... But give a listen to RAMMELLZEE vs. K-Rob if you can find it. It's an early hip-hop GEM!) and a sculptor. He has also created robotic Samurai exo-armor made from speakers, garbage, and model rockets.
And last, there is the site of one of the greatest Graffiti artists ever! Doze
or you can check him out here . His work is Amazing, and he's been going strong since the early 80's.
Long Live True Hip-Hop!!!

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