Friday, September 15, 2006

Can you hear us sprout?

The lovely wife has been feeling the sprout wriggle around quite a bit as of late. At first, she wasn't sure what the ticklish fluttering within her was-but now she knows that it's the baby. What's interesting is, she feels movement at very specific times. On her way to and from work she blasts a Keane CD, (Under The Iron Sea) and sings (yells) the lyrics along with the tunes. She said the baby will usually respond to this by flipping & rolling around inside. This is great, because as important as music is to me, it's cool that the little one is getting a jump start on her/his appreciation of music. Soon I will be compiling a bunch of songs for baby's first CD. I'm gonna collect songs from different genres that evoke different moods and feelings & play them constantly while he/she is still inside mom. Hopefully that will help the kid be more receptive to varying types of music, and hopefully mom will be able to tolerate my taste in music.
The wife has also noticed that when she doesn't speak, and just relaxes and settles in, she feels the sprout moving around. She thinks I should spend that time talking to the baby. I thought the idea was weird, so she suggested I READ to the baby. Now that's right up my alley! I get to hear myself talk, and I'm doing some good for the kid. One of the million books, manuals, articles, and journals we have been reading said that it's good if the babe hears dad's voice on a more regular basis, in order to get him/her accustomed to his voice as well as mom's. I say Good Idea. Now to confer with the wife and determine what books she thinks the sprout and she would like to hear.
I think those may be my first parental responsibilities that can affect my kid in the long run...
I can't believe I am somebody's DAD.
Heh, heh. Pretty cool.

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SRH said...

Whilsty Little Man was in the womb. Wifey and I read LOTR aloud to each other. It is a good long epic and worth reading anyway. Good luck finding a book.