Friday, September 22, 2006

In Jail Without The Bail

Not too much to write about today. I'm in the dog house for being inconsiderate, AND forgetting about dinner plans for tomorrow. Now I've got to contact the cat I planned on hanging out with for a coupla' drinks with and cancel. I also have to fink out on my neighbor who invited me to check out his band later tomorrow night.
I've chosen not to divulge what it was I did to piss the lovely wife off, but let's just say she didn't appreciate it one bit. I truly am sorry, but I guess my response and attitude concerning her feelings was flippant. That's what earned me the silent treatment. She then found the reminder I'd written to myself about tomorrows plans and then came to me mad as a wet cat and asked if I'd forgotten about dinner. I had. She then told me that dinner wasn't THAT important, and that it was no big deal if I went out with my friends.
I know I will be dead meat if I do.
So, Mr. SRH, I am sorry about the short notice, but I must postpone our evening of drunken debauchery. It is with extreme embarrassment that I must forsake that beer you owe me, (Oh, I haven't forgotten) and hopefully the offer stands. You, my friend are also a married man, and therefore I know you know what it is like to share the cold company of a woman scorned, and I trust you understand the conundrum I'm facing, and the safest solution.
To my lovely wife, I really am sorry, and hopefully when you read this, I will have apologized fifty times for my inconsideration, and if not, expect to hear fifty apologies.


jdw3 said...

You ain't seen or heard nuttin yet!

The longer you're married the more trouble you get to experience!

SRH said...

Sweet JEBUS! You tried to argue with a pregnant woman? Have you no sense man? So so so so so much to learn....