Wednesday, September 13, 2006

...Can't... Stay... A-Awake... (Snore) (Snore)....

Well, I had about 1/2 a page of stuff written out about something I witnessed today at work, but came to the conclusion that it was pretty slanderous and libel. It had to do with viewing an older man hitting on a much MUCH younger woman.
Not the way Roger Moore did as James Bond where you felt kinda gross after watching, but then figured what the hell, it's James BOND-
(for the record, in my book, Moore was Bond like Adam West was Batman. Limburger! Cheesy AND it Stinks friends.)
but nasty, in a Hugh Heffner TODAY kind of way. You know, shuffling around on dance floors ogling and tongue-kissing three bottle blonde floatation worthy women-younger I'm sure, than his grandchildren would be; trying to maintain a facade of virility for those who still deem him "cool" in the MCL set. Catch my drift?
Anyway, I realized that the pathetic droolings over a young lady nary in her 20's by this guy were pointless to try and document, not to mention uninteresting, so I left my post to watch a movie (and a Fatboy Slim music video collection) because it's been a while since I've seen something I actually WANTED to watch on t.v, & not felt obligated to just because it was on t.v.
Which leads me to my point.
Alas, because I had a long day at work, and because I am now writing at-what time is it anyway? 1:14 a.m., I will be cheating. I'm not really going to be writing about much of anything because I spent the evening watching the film "The Naked City", and Fatboy Slim's video compilation "Why Make Videos". I plan on doing a full review of both bits of dvd goodness on tomorrow's post, and will NOT be sparse in any of the details I will divulge.
I apologize dear Blog Gods, and I swear upon all that I hold dear and true that I will most assuredly appease you come the morrow.

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