Friday, September 08, 2006

With onions and cheese on a warm toasted bun...

Tomorrow night is the big Ohio State/Texas football game and I am Stoked! I have been excited for about two and a half weeks. I'm gonna dress up in OSU clothing, wear OSU buttons, put on a foam OSU #1 finger, and hell, my eyes may even well up when the Alma Mater is played by TBDBITL. This is funny, considering I'm not even a football fan. Come to think of it, I'm even less of an OSU fan. My biggest reason for not being a fan of OSU, AND their football program is, the fact that just about the ENTIRE city is crazy about game day saturday, but because of politics, and the corporate machine, the average joe (who happens to be OSU football's biggest proponent) can't even purchase a ticket to view the team he loves and supports so much.
Then why am I so hyped about the game?
Well, my lovely wife & I have a tradition, and that's eating chili and Frito's Scoops for at least one game. I usually get the ingredients together the friday nite before, start it the next morning, and let the chili slow simmer all day while we're at work. That way, when we get home we've got some bomb-ass chili waiting for us. I'm sure our dogs go nuts smelling the stuff all day. But, dear friend, the chili alone is not the reason for MY anticipation for the game either.
At least twice a year, I get an unnatural craving for CHILI-DOGS. Coneys if you will. I don't know what it is, but I'm unable to function properly until I get a coney when the desire for one sets in. I've thought about coneys nonstop for two days straight. I've thought of multitudes of topping combinations. I've thought about how many I would attempt to eat. (I'm gonna try for 3/4ths of an eight pack of hot dogs) I've even thought about how many I'd be willing to share. I plan on eating chili dogs until I get sick, because I love 'em so much.
Yeah I know, I'm a pig. But hey, if I have to endure an OSU game, I may as well do it while in a coney coma, right?


jdw3 said...

It was a great game...I sat watching leaning left then right avoiding tackles from all around my couch. My OSU cap pulled down over my eyes on occassion (1st missed field goal attempt), cursing and swearing as though I was on the USS Oklahoma! Then out of no where comes this guy #11... what a display of true talent and surprise.

Go BUCKS....not often heard down here in the South because of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Auburn. I hang my OSU flag outside every Saturday in anticipation of a win. Well, I can proudly display the scarlet and grey again on Sunday this weekend. The hell with those southern SCC diehards that on occassion take target practice at my cars with eggs after a BIG 10 win. GO BUCKS!

I'll have just a little mustard on my dog......thank you!

SRH said...

So far the OSU game recap has not circulated around the office as of yet. I am sure by the end of the day I will have heard about every single play of the game. Productivity here drops to 0 the Monday following an OSU game. Sometimes, if it is a big game (such as #1 v #2) is spills over into Tuesday and Wednesday.