Thursday, September 28, 2006

Comin' Off The Top Of The Dome...

Just a bit of stream of consciousness here... Not too much went on today, so I'm just gonna pull something out of my posterior. Oh yeah, I met a lady today who was very wise and worldly despite the fact that she had never really left her hometown of Canton Ohio. She told me all sorts of things about what to expect in the near future concerning my relationship with my wife when the sprout arrives. She also divulged ways to keep the relationship fresh and (somewhat) exciting when there is a kid present.
We have to complete a living will, and it's one of the weirdest, and unsettling things I have had to ponder. I mean, a LOT of thought has to go into a living will. Things like who we want our kids' guardian to be if we both croak, how we want our remains to be dealt with when we croak, and who we want to get all our crap when we croak have to be considered and discussed before we set it on paper. I'm gonna hate it, but what's gotta be done, gotta be done, right?
The weather's starting to get colder and I'm NOT happy. I'm just not a fan of winter. (Actually I HATE winter) It seems the older I get, the more I hate it...
Which reminds me that it's a day closer to our FLORIDA trip baby!
Fish fry
White Sand
The Ocean
My Brother is in town (Didn't think that would be the case)
I'm about to read to my lovely wife and the baby (Island of the Blue Dolphins), it went well last night although the wife conked out on me 1/2 in to the second chapter. But I know you listened intently sprout. Mom will just miss a great novel.
I just watched a clip on The Daily Show where Jason Jones did a report on investigative reporting and the lows reporters go to for a story. I guess this guy named Carl Monday out of Cleveland spent weeks on a report concerning some guy who was caught masturbating in the library. Again, I said WEEKS. He followed the guy around, went to his house, and even followed him to the mall. Well, Jones did a stereotypical investigation of Monday, and posing as his biggest fan, he grilled him in the same unrelenting way monday grilled the guy in the library. Pretty damn funny stuff, but I guess you had to be there. Watch the Daily Show so you can see some funny stuff of your own.
O.k., It's 11:26, and I still have to read a couple of chapters to my lovely wife's stomach.

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