Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Television, in my case, is a drone maker friends. When the t.v. is on, nothing else occurs around me. When a show is on, ANY show mind you, (and the less intelligent the better) my eyes cloud over, and slobber hangs lazily from the corners of my mouth. I blame this behavior on the AWESOME programming of the mid 70's to late 80's. During this time period the Golden Age of Television was in full effect. Countless hours of my young life were spent watching all my favorites-Electric Company, Battle of the Planets, Fat Albert, The Monkees & Star Trek reruns, Different strokes, S.W.A.T., Dukes of Hazzard (despite the big ass confederate flag on the top of the GENERAL LEE [!] why I watched that show, I will never fully understand ), and MTV!!!!!!!
Because the shows back then had crazy entertainment value, and imagination, I was unable to move from in front of the t.v., until my wise parents made me ( and later my brother) turn it off and go outside. Those shows fueled my imagination and creativity when I was away from t.v. My friends and I watched the same shows, and acted out situations which occurred on them. All those games were fun, but Star Trek was my least favorite. Because of Lt. Uhuru's and my similar complexions, I always had to be her. Oh well, Ce la vie.
Unfortunately, now I can't pretend to be Alf, or Thundarr the Barbarian. I would have to emulate the more age-appropriate people and situations that I now see on on t.v., and with modern programming overrun with (hardly) "reality" programs and seriously lacking in the smarts department, the only people I would WANT to pretend to be are those that appear on PBS,C-SPAN, and the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is cool, but I don't see him jumping on top of a bomb threatening to explode like G.I. Joe would.
So I guess in order to stop being a zombie, I have to pull away from the t.v. a little more, utilize a LOT more of the percentage of my brain than I'm currently using, and express more creativity.
Although, what I'm doing now kinda helps...


SRH said...

Oh the 80's TV was a wonderful time

Zany Mama said...

I think you won't have any problem lessening your tv habit when the little one comes. SRH hasn't watched a full tv show in like, well, 3 years. So I guess I'm saying that I would relish your tv viewing time now, because pretty soon it's all about the wiggles, baby einstein, etc.

i love tv. i miss it.