Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ready for Freddy (or Frannie)

My lovely wife and I were sitting in front of the television just about an hour ago, and she guides my hand underneath the shirt, and the yoga pants that she has on. (!) She then tells me to sit very still for a moment. So I sit. After about twenty to thirty seconds, I respond by saying, "You wanted me to feel your stomach gurgling? Do you need to go to the bathroom? (Thanks to me, there is a lot of toilet humor that exists within our household. Heh-heh.) Not amused, (she seldom is) the wife responds by asking if I ALWAYS have to make with the toilet jokes. I then realized it was time to be serious. She explained that the "gurgling" I was feeling was in fact, our little sprout moving about inside her. (?!!!?!!) I then waited for the next little flicker, and what do you know, not another minute passed, and there was another light twitch.
I mean, WOW.
I am seriously in disbelief.
I can actually FEEL evidence of the baby flipping around inside my wife.
This is nuts! The way I am feeling right now is incredible. Again, I'm reminded of the fact that I will soon be a father. What I need to do is log this memory in the "never forget this file" along with all my other important and life altering experiences. This evening certainly has a place within that file.
as a result of this wonderful occurrence, my level of impatience is growing exponentially. We had decided early on that we wouldn't find out what we are having, but the wait is just so hard. Excruciating in fact. I'm the person who as a kid, went snooping for Christmas presents in July. I know the surprise will totally be worth the wait, but I'm ready to see what the person we've created looks like. I'm ready to see my kid come into the world. I'm ready to carry my baby in my arms and sing soft songs in it's ear. I'm ready to read the sprout bedtime stories, making up different voices for each and every character's speaking part. And I'm ready to pass on all my corny toilet humor to someone who won't think I'm mentally challenged.
I'm READY, baby!


SRH said...

stunningly amazing, isn't it?

Zany Mama said...

That is just fabulous!