Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special...

So, tonight the wife and I were visited by 1/2 of our favorite couple. Jess of Matt-n-Jess, our "L.A." friends came for a visit. (I hope I sounded as pretentious as you're supposed to sound when saying you have friends in Los Angeles) It was great to see her again, because she is such a beautiful person, she always exudes positivity, and she always gives my wife and I food for thought.
I must say, I am quite disappointed by the fact that Matt could not accompany her. His creative intellect inspires me to expand past the boundaries of my own. Next time friend.
Jess, my lovely wife, and I simply sat and talked over some wine (fake wine for mom to be) and it was great. We discussed self-awareness, ways we can try to achieve it, bringing order to the chaos that is life, creating a magical room for our coming little one, mutual marital bliss, downsizing the clutter that accumulates in our closets and minds, and techniques which might make meditation easier. It was nice to come home, and use our brains for a change rather than turn on the t.v. and veg out-not speaking to each other till bedtime. (Or rather, not paying attention to what my wife is saying until the breaks and only if there are no good commercials-and she, getting pissed off and not talking to me until she decides to go up to bed) That's one I really have to work on. That though, is an entirely different blog entry to be written in the near future.
I love seeing Jess, because her excitement about living a life full of mental, physical, and spiritual PEACE is always so infectious. Thanks for gracing us with your presence, the stimulating conversation, and prompting the two of us to perpetuate this type of evening friend.
Matt, we miss you, and look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon, slick!

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