Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We wanna be 1/2 full glass people

Self awareness can either be ego swelling, or crushing, depending on what you let it do to you. Becoming more aware of who you are can either make you more aware of who you DON'T want to be (or become), or proud of the individual you are (or are becoming). Self awareness can prompt individuals to notice the positive and/or negative aspects of their lives, and can create a desire to retain that positive energy, or cue the acceptance and perpetuation of predominant negative actions, and/or emotions.
My beautiful wife and I feel it's our responsibility as intelligent beings and parents to make a conscious effort to become as full as possible with positive energy, thus moving us closer toward actualizing the desire to become "better people" by shedding our negative "personality quirks".
We've decided to devote small amounts of time to achieving positive self actualization by using meditation, conversation, and verbal expression of gratitude, and positivity directed at each other. I feel that if we do these every day, gradually increasing the time spent doing them, we will continually exude positivity and maybe pass it on to each individual we happen to encounter.
We know it will be a long, long road to travel, Hell-it's hard to be impervious to negative energy.
But I have faith in the fact that we will accomplish what we set forth to do because we recognize the good it will do us as individuals, as well as the fact that it will establish a greater sense of connectedness between the two of us.
Peace. (To us)


JDW3 said...

Man, you and the Mrs. are so on track everyone who enters your circle will benefit.

The world today revolves around negativity. So many people walk around searching and finding ways to self destruct through their self inflicted depression, irresponsibility and negative thoughts. Somehow blaming everyone else for their shortcomings. When you see someone coming at you dragging in each hand one of those GIGANTIC plastic garbage bags of negative thoughts, negative issues and blame; looking to dump on you. Simply, side step that trash and let it fall upon some
non-suspecting person. The key, I think to this life; keep the glass above 1/2, think and stay positive, use your situation to your advantage, look for ways to make lemonade and never ever ever be non-suspecting.

jw said...

I Guess you really DO know what you're talkin' about old man...
Thanx again for saying the stuff I need to hear.