Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey Maaaaaa!!!!

The countdown has officially begun. Only a matter of days until the lovely wife and I will be Florida bound! White sand beaches, the wife in a swimsuit, hot ass weather, a fish fry (hint-hint), and most importantly, we get to see my parents! I haven't seen my parents in a little while, and so I'm pretty excited. I'm also pretty amped about my parents seeing the lovely wife's baby bump, but I'm MOST excited about seeing my mom. Don't get me wrong, seeing my dad is pretty up there on the list, but nobody treats you as well as your mom can treat you. My mom is EXTREMELY attentive, and we NEVER want for anything when we are in her company. She's the kind of lady that can hit you with a buttery smooth "Are you hungry? Have you eaten yet? Let me fix you something to eat. I'm just gonna pop this TURKEY in the oven, and then I'll whip you up some dressing, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and a pumpkin pie for a snack till dinner."
Seriously. she would do all that if you let her.
She's pretty much THAT selfless.
By the way, can you tell I'm ready for Thanksgiving?
(It's my favorite holiday, and as it approaches I'm sure I will write all about why it happens to be my favorite)
Anyway, my mom is a very special lady and I can't wait to see her. It's weird-we have many of the same personality traits and get along like clones probably do. The only thing I have to remember is to EXPRESS my appreciation for all that she does for me/us while in her presence. I have a tendency to try to act all hardcore, like I'm not fazed by all the Super-cool things she does to make sure that there is absolutely nothing we need. It's great that she does all this, but sometimes I feel guilty accepting all the hospitality that she offers. So I tell her not to worry, and not do the things that she seems to want to do to make us (her house guests) comfortable during our stay. I think I can relate to how she feels about being hospitable. Whenever we have guests over, I make sure that EVERYTHING is taken care of for each and every visitor in order to keep them entertained and happy, while often sacrificing my own needs until theirs are met. Hey that's the mark of a good entertainer, and if they're happy, then so am I.
Given how my mom feels about folks visiting her home, and how she makes them feel cozy and most important, I'm looking forward to basking in her sunshine for at least a little bit while down in Florida.
See you soon mom!
Love You, and Peace.

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